Glossier in Review

As an enthusiastic fan and loyal shopper, I was psyched to be one of the first brand reps for Glossier. I am often asked what my favorite products are and since I have tried just about everything they sell I thought it might be helpful to write a comprehensive review ranking thier products from everyday essentials to ones I have on the back burner.

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Milky Jelly Cleanser: The OG, holy grail, everyday cleanser. Removes your makeup in one step at night, balances and hydrates in the morning. Pleasant and understated rose scent. I used to be passionate about trying new cleansers but this one changed the game. I have gone through about 10 of these in the last few years and don't even bother to experiment with face wash anymore. Boys love it, girls love it, everyone loves it. 

Priming Moisturizer Rich: Absorbs quickly and smells like lavender fields. Leaves skin moisturized and glowy. I've been using PMR morning and night since it came out and I've bought them for everyone I know. Works great as a base under makeup and is essential to rehydrate after a long night out.

BoyBrow in Brown: Even if I am just running to the gym, I put on boy brow to look ever so slightly more put together. Keeps your eyebrow hairs in place, looks natural and doesn't flake off onto your face. Sometimes I use it coupled with a brow pencil if I want a more defined brow look. 

Stretch Concealer in Medium: Again– the OG, Holy Grail, never looking back, concealer of your dreams. This being said – I go for a more natural look sans foundation or heavy coverups. This product has very light coverage but is also buildable. I use it mostly under my eyes to cover any dark circles and around my nose to balance out redness. I am very very pale, but the medium shade is better for my skin tone than the light (I have both).

Balm Dot Com: Keeps next to bed, in all bags, in bathroom, car, etc, etc. Instantly moisturizes lips and any other unmentionable dry spots. This product has saved my life when my nose was dry and runny (smear it all up in there) and has also aided in the discomfort of ingrown hairs on my bikini line (TMI). My favorite in order of scent: Coconut, Mint, Rose, Cherry, Original.


Super Bounce: I have tried all 3 of the supers, but this one is my fav. Most notable is its hyaluronic acid content which moisturizes the face and leaves skin supple and GiGi Hadid esque. To any of you wondering– I have also tried the the ordinary hyaluronic acid – which I found to smell medicinal and leave my skin feeling tight. I prefer super bounce to the ordinary all day long.

Haloscope: On nights out, when you want to feel a little extra special, strobe yourself with some haloscope. I use it in quartz for a pinky sheen or in moonstone for a blue toned glazed donut kind of look.

Eye Pencil #1: From the Holiday Black Tie Set and unfortunately not in stock anymore.... But on a personal note, I have been trying to spice up my look with some eyeliner and this stuff smudges in all the right ways.

Generation G in Jam: As a girl with chronically dry lips, lipstick is not a go to for me. However, when I want a little pick me up I go for Gen G in Jam. The purple tone looks nice on my vampire like skin tone and sometimes I even use a little as a cream blush. I have also tried Gen G in cake– which I found drying and not pigmented enough for me. Zip is on my shelf as well, but I have yet to put it on, which speaks to my lack of lipstick enthusiasm. 


Priming Moisturizer: Leaves a matte moisturized finish and is a great alternative to primer. This was a staple for a while and is great during the summer but I haven't been reaching for it as much lately. 

Super Glow: Although I like how the bottle looks and the concept of putting glow directly onto my face I have found it's is a bit watery for my taste and I haven't seen as many results as I have from Bounce.

Super Pure: Instant zit removal! Put on at night when you are having a bad skin day. I haven't had many issues lately so It hasn't been on the top of my list, but it has been effective in times of need.

Soothing Face Mist: A lovely rose smelling mist, but much to my dismay, I am not a frequent mister!

Perfecting Skin Tint: I found the consistency to be a bit watery and never found it useful as I really only wear concealer.

The Masks: Although I do like these masks, I have only bought them once as I found others to be more effective and less of a time commitment (these take 20 min each).


The Sweatshirt: Super soft, wear it everyday, own it in an XL. I wear this as leisure item instead of street fashion. I need to purchase another one as mine is faded and pilling now from excessive wear. 

Grace Abbott