New Space Inspiration


A beautiful curated selection of vintage rugs every Thursday at 8am CST. They sell out fast so be sure to be sitting at your computer hitting the refresh button with your credit card out. 

Photo by Frances Loom


At my old apartment I had the white set in classic. Unfortunately they soiled quickly, so i am trying to branch out with some color – The Bedford Stripe. I got the Luxe this time because I deserve it. Review to follow.

Photo by Cup of Jo



These aesthetically incredible planters seem to be everywhere i look these days. Naturally, I had to have one. Their elevated stature make them a practical essential for a home with a tiny plant eating puppy. 

Photo by Take Aim


Yes, you do need a dog teepee. No, it is not a waste of money. Also no, I will not admit that it took 2 months for my dog to lay down inside of it (but he loves it now, I swear!!!) 

Photo by Pipolli